about Hibrewnation

    The Sons of the American Legion present Hibrewnation. There are many beer festivals out there, but we decided to concentrate on the beer. No gimmicks, no filler taps, no complicated music or food line-up. Hibrewnation is an uncompromising exploration of beer. Tucked within our 100 hand-selected craft and local brews, you'll find a healthy portion of rare and hard to find beers. We aren't talking "go-to-a-better-beer-store-hard-to-find" we are talking actually hard to find.

    General Selection

    Hibrewnation is a tasting festival, not a drinking festival. It is not flagship beers in large quantities. It is smaller quantities of rare and harder to find beers and putting them in front of people who appreciate them. You may not get them all, but you can get many of them.

    Timed Releases

    We have a beer cellar just for the festivals. We don't have much, but we take those beers and we toss em up at the festivals so 20 rather than 2 people can try each one. Some beers have a single bottle at each event. We thank our loyal fans by making this information available in various ways.

    Limited Selections

    We can get 2 full kegs and never run out or triple the selection with three sixth kegs and take a chance. We take the middle road with a selection of primary and limited beers from each brewery. This means the limited stuff might kick before the end, but it means people got to try it. That's what we are here for!


    We do our best to bring in a selection of food for everyone. Not every venue wants to work with us, but most do. There will be food at each event however. Plus some stuff to snack on.

An Uncompromising Exploration of Beer with a side of Rare and Hard to find

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