Online tickets on sale Friday, November 23rd at 10am..

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BIG BEAR Admission (1pm-5pm) Sold Out

It's a VIP ticket except you get access to a tent where you get to try ALL of the timed release beers during the VIP hour. No lines, no hassle. Maybe even some extras? Only 10 available.


VIP Admission (1pm-5pm)

An extra hour, much shorter lines, access to limited and timed-release offerings, first dibs on the bottle shop, and a special cup if you want. Limited to 300.


General Admission (2pm-5pm)

Enjoy nearly limitless samples of over 100 hand-selected regional and international brews from our ever-growing list in your souvenir glass. Plus distilleries!


Designated Driver (1pm-5pm)

Are you the DD by choice or chance? Don't despair! Pre-sale DD's get craft sodas and water. DD's can even accompany VIP's. DD tickets will not be sold once regular tickets are sold out.

An Uncompromising Exploration of Beer with a side of Rare and Hard to find

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Valid PHOTO ID required to drink. No Exceptions. No Refunds.